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Using Chef-Solo

A discussion of how to setup chef-solo to manage a server out on a VPS. With a brief overview about how chef-solo differs from chef-client and chef-server. Presented at Utah Ruby User Group in May 2012.

Goodbye Dear Friend

In which I memorialize on of the longest pieced of hardware I’ve owned for my career in the computer and technolgy industry.

Rake: Not Your Father's Build Tool

On Tuesday June 17, 2011 I was given the opportunity to give a presentation on rake at our Utah Valley ruby brigade.  I chose to cover some of the basic building blocks and comparative history of other build tools.

Host Hudson CI on Engine Yard AppCloud

Dr. Nic recorded the screencast footage and then I assisted by providing my best “radio voice” for the final voice-over and mixed in our latest screencast mojo.

Engine Yard is Out of the Hardware Business

There was a big announcement at our latest employee meetup in San Francisco.